Frequently asked questions

What does 'NTC-education' stand for?

In general NTC education covers a wide variety in age groups and language ability levels. Based on learning targets and final outcomes at the end of Primary 7 (Dutch group 8) three NTC-routes are distinguished:

NTC 1 is directly aimed at re-entry of Dutch pupils into the Dutch educational system in The Netherlands, working towards the 'Kerndoelen' (attainment targets) for Dutch Language and Culture for the different years. In general these students' home language is Dutch. English is the main language spoken at school.

NTC 2 is aimed at keeping the level of proficiency as high as possible, should the pupil return to The Netherlands. This program is not primarily focused on re-entry into the Dutch educational system. The gap between their command of the Dutch language, compared to that of Dutch primary school pupils in the Netherlands, can be as much as two academic years. The NTC program will aim at the highest possible level of proficiency of each individual pupil.

NTC 3 means Dutch as a foreign language. Dutch is not spoken at home.

What is the aim of NTC at Cults Primary School?

NTC at Cults Primary School aims to reach the highest possible level of proficiency of the Dutch language for every individual pupil. We work towards the 'Kerndoelen' - the learning goals for primary schools - as determined by the Dutch Ministry of Education. These goals comprise:oral competency, spelling, writing, vocabulary skills and reading comprehension. The program offers pupils also to develop their Dutch identity.

Which NTC routes are provided by NTA?

The NTC program at Cults Primary School is based on Route 1 en Route 2. In general the aim is to make the (possible) re-entry into the educational system in The Netherlands as smooth as possible. During an in-take interview it will be decided which route a pupil will take. This is also based on the previous school's educational report.

When do the lessons take place?

Lessons take place on a Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday. 3 hours a week. In close collaboration with the class teachers of Cults Primary School we'll schedule the lessons.


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