Mission Statement
Dutch World Citizens

Our mission - within the total teaching activities of Cults Primary School - is to allow the pupils who take part in the NTC classes not only to learn their mother tongue language but also to develop their own Dutch identity.

We work towards the 'Kerndoelen' - the Dutch curriculum goals for the school - as determined by the Dutch Ministry of Education. Our objective is to integrate the Dutch lessons as much as possible into the daily program of Cults Primary School (CPS).

Dutch Mother Tongue and Culture program for group 3 to 8

The NTC program follows the Dutch language curriculum for primary schools. It gives the pupils the opportunity to re-entry education in The Netherlands. We present a program for Route 1 and Route 2 pupils (see FAQ). There is time to help pupils who have fallen behind in the language program.

The NTC lessons are totally integrated into the daily curriculum of Cults Primary School. Three times a week the pupils get a 1 hour lesson during schooltime. The latest Dutch Language methods are being used: Taalactief, de Leessleutel and for the Culture lessons we make use of: (Neder)Land in zicht - from the Stichting NOB. CITO tests take place when appropriate during the school year.

We have a Dutch Base in the Blue Unit of CPS. Lessons are in small groups in the Blue Unit. We have a good choice of Dutch teaching materials and a library.

In March 2010 the NTC base was visited by an inspector from the Dutch Ministry of Education. The report is also to be seen in the Dutch Base.

Only Cults Primary School pupils can follow the NTC program. More information about Cults Primary School can be found at: www.cultsprimary.aberdeen.sch.uk.

System Comparison chart:

AGE PO Scottish
6 - 7 groep 3 Primary 2
7 - 8 groep 4 Primary 3
8 - 9 groep 5 Primary 4
9 - 10 groep 6 Primary 5
10 - 11 groep 7 Primary 6
11 - 12 groep 8 Primary 7

Cut-off dates differ between Dutch and Scottish schools. In the Netherlands the school year runs from 1 October - 1 October the following year. In Scotland it is from 1 March - 1 March.

NTC teacher: Marleen Grimmer (qualified primary school teacher). Costs are on request.
For more information, please contact: nt.aberdeen@gmail.com.

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